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Bonus Boat Giveaway

Redfish 2.022 – Angler Spotlight

From the Desk of the Commish; The 2022 season will be very different. See Official Format Document Release Here

As Thanksgiving passes and we look forward to the Christmas season we have prepared the outline to what we think will be a very exciting and rewarding tournament season in 2022.As I thought about how to put the season together on paper it occurred to me, we need a name for the 2022 tour. Much like bands title their specific tours like the Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze Tour or George Strait’s The Cowboy Rides Away Tour the name of the tour sets the tone for what attendees can expect from the band or artist.

After all that everyone has been through and many are still dealing with 2020 and 2021 were tough years for our country and our company. However, because of great sponsors, customers and friends we as a company made it through. In thinking back and recounting all that has happened, the name for the 3 Team and 3 Solo (one man) tour stops along with a giant National Championship event came pretty quickly for me. The Angler Appreciation Tour. More than just a slogan, tagline or catchphrase, we are putting our money where our mouths are.

I know it’s not an earth shattering name nor is it 100% original in thought and some may even call it corny, but it is accurate and it does set up nicely with what anglers and attendees can expect when visiting an Elite Redfish Series event in the upcoming season. The slogan is accurate and will set the tone for all that we want to do in 2022 for our anglers, many of whom have been with us a very long time and yet to have the fortune of winning an Elite event or in some cases even having a good measure of success. We just wanted to find a way to say thank you and to continue to give sound reasons to fish our tour and from a sponsor’s standpoint support our anglers.

Heading into our 15th year that we have been producing events we have seen many things come and go, I remember the days when seeing an ad in a tackle shop “$10,000.00 for first place” would shut down all other events in the area. “100% payback!” used to turn heads. Also gone, it seems are the days when guaranteeing a boat/motor/trailer package would get you 100 boats, easy. Did you know since we made the move from hosting bass events to redfish we have awarded, we don’t say given away because they are not free. We have to produce TV shows and supply commercial air plays in exchange for these awesome awards and that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to produce and air.

As 2021 ended we have awarded a total of 23 awesome boat motor and trailer rigs since we began hosting saltwater events. That’s 8 years that we have had terrific partners who supported the tour and sport with great grand prizes, I know yawn. 🙂  However, that does leave a lot of anglers that have come through our events (thousands) that have never had the experience of walking away with one of them. That is going to change in 2022!

The centerpiece and anchor of our Angler Appreciation Tour will be awarding boats #24 and #25. While #24 will be awarded to the Solo Tour Angler of the Year, boat #25 will be given in a random draw made up of anglers fishing the 2022 Team and Solo Tours. Each team and each solo participant will be awarded 1 ticket per event fished in the upcoming season. We have set the schedule up so that teams and anglers can fish either tour or both. Team up with your buddy for 3 and compete solo for 3 and let the chips….ummm tickets build up. Fish at least 3 events in either the team or solo tour and receive a bonus 4th ticket.

At the National Championship we will put all of the tickets into a hopper spin it around and draw out for a single great grand prize to be awarded to the lucky angler. We did this years ago in our bass tournaments and it was a big hit, one year the guy who won the boat package had never cut a check throughout the entire season, what a payoff! (must be present to win, take delivery and trailer home your new rig or receive certificate for same in person)

I already know what some hardcore fishing studs out there are thinking, he should have to earn that. He did by competing in every event we held that year and piling up the tickets. Don’t worry, there was another boat package on site for the Angler of the Year and there will be in 2022 as well. We just wanted to do something where every single person that fishes an event in 2022 has at least a chance at a big prize… If we are lucky the winning ticket will be held by someone who could really use a bit of good luck and will be excited to hear his or her name called next October… Now that’s a Golden Ticket!

But that’s not all! In 2022 we will also be adding to the angler’s prize purse a percentage of sponsorship money and changing our optional big red side pots to be a winner take all scenario. For example if 50 teams get in the Big Bite optional side pot (500.00) that means $25,000.00 is up for grabs for the team that weighs in the biggest red of the tournament. The way the slot size limit works in redfish tournaments this is going to keep everyone in the game until the last cast. There is a lot of things coming for 2022 that are going to be great with bigger purses, more level playing fields, an eye on the marshes and bays that have been so good to all of us and more but if I had to sum it all up in 1 word or in this case 3 that would be easy. The Angler Appreciation Tour. Welcome and thank you for considering the Elite Redfish Series for the 2022 tournament season. Email us at if we can answer any questions you may have.~Commish


1 lucky angler will walk away with a great prize in a special drawing as an Elite thank you just for fishing. #AnglerAppreciation





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