Aug 31

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2023 National Championship Registration

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Amounts include electronic svc fee and can be paid anytime prior to and including at the captain's meeting on Sept 20th. If paid by cash at captain's meeting deduct the 20.00 svc fee. The big red side pot pays 100% to the angler with the heaviest redfish of the championship. The big bag side pot pays 100% to the top 2 heaviest 3 fish limits of the championship. 70% - 30%. The Pro Am does not cost any entry fee and pays 1000.00 and trophy to the pro with the heaviest redfish on Wednesday and a trophy whether he or his amature caught it. Top amature receives trophy. Only 5 spots available, first come, first serve.
Sponsor name ONLY if it is changing for the championship.

What is the 4th letter of the alphabet

Here you get to prove you are a human and not a web bot. This is a capital letter, if you do not know this answer probably best you do not fish... 🙂

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