Sep 21

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Moreno – Viator Penalty


Moreno and Viator Penalized


National Championship News

Wednesday September 21 the tour received in writing a protest in accordance to the rules for time and delivery method. A first hand account of a violation was described by one of the competitors prior to day 1’s competition. The violation spelled out that the anglers mentioned had teamed up to ride together and practice from the same boat during official practice (beginning Monday the week of the tournament) prohibited by rule 11.

  • Solo Tour competitors are not permitted to work together to share fishing information, locations, purses, etc…

When brought to the attention of the 2 anglers they were honest, upfront and never denied the violation, only that they misunderstood the rule. Both anglers have had a reduction of angler of the year points but are allowed to continue to continue and compete at the National Championship for the purse and prizes.

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