Apr 02

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Contender Series Ride Alongs


2021 Contender Single Competitor Tour Ride Alongs

Bo and Savannah Favre

Nederland, Texas: (April 2021) Today, The Elite Redfish Series, producer of professional Elite redfish events throughout the Gulf and Atlantic coastal regions announces it’s ride along policy for the One Competitor per boat Tour.

The mission on the Waterloo Rod Contender Series is to offer anglers of all levels a chance to showcase their ability to locate, catch and release good limits of redfish while professionally promoting themselves to and for sponsors. To catch and release live limits of redfish each day that fall within state requirements in a head to head 1 competitor per boat format.

Promoting conservation and the sport in a safe and fair way to all competitors is at the top of the list of priorities for this tour. We also understand that some anglers may not feel as comfortable doing it all on their own or may have family commitments that keep them from being able to leave all else behind and head out for 2 or more days of practice and competition. Therefore in this one competitor per boat format the tour will allow for a very limited and specific group of ride along candidates for each competitor.

A Contender Series competitor may have their wife or husband, son or daughter (up to 12 years of age) as a ride along for their days of competition. However, no more than 1 additional person may be on the boat with the competitor during a tournament day and a ride along can in no way have an effect on the competitors day of fishing.

Approved ride alongs cannot operate the boat, even under idle, assist the competitor by handing the net, checking on the fish, pointing out fish, suggesting lures or any other activity that would have to be accomplished by a fellow competitor without a ride along.

There is a complete list of the parameters that must be observed by any potential ride along person in the rules section of the Contender Series but what a great way to allow a son or daughter, wife or husband see what their loved one does during a day of competition and make a memory that will last a lifetime.




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