Mar 19

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Covid and Captains Meetings


2020’s Restrictions and Caution Spur Change for 2021.

Nederland, Texas: (March 2021) Today, The Elite Redfish Series, producer of professional Elite redfish events throughout the Gulf and Atlantic coastal regions announces a change brought about by Covid restrictions in 2020 but makes sense moving forward.

Many of us have fishing bass tournaments our entire lives and unless you are fishing at the sport’s highest levels it was a consistent practice to locate a tournament you wanted to fish show up the morning of the event, register, receive your boat number and go fishing. Return later that day to the weigh in location and weigh your catch. In redfish events we have for the most part always had captain’s meetings the afternoon prior to the event for not much more than a time of fellowship, briefly go over some rules and procedures and maybe have a raffle for some sponsor’s gear.

For a lot of anglers getting off work in time to make a 5:00 – 6:00 PM afternoon meeting is hard enough but add battling traffic and other obstacles when for most they’d rather be getting their rig ready, repairing a piece of equipment or making sure their gear is in order. There are some communities that want to welcome the anglers to town, provide a nice meal and offer a time of fellowship, when those cases arise we will take advantage of that and have as many as can safely participate but as a “norm” we believe the required afternoon meeting of anglers and teams the day prior to the competition has run it’s course. Time is valuable and we want to allow for the best use of it to be made by our customers and competitors.

Beginning with the kick off event of 2021 and continuing through the conclusion of the season the requirement to attend a pre-tournament captain’s meeting will be suspended. The tour will always be at the announced weigh in location the day prior to the first day of competition from 4:00 – 6:00 PM for those that want to stop by, say hello, Anglers may register for the event and pay side pot entry fees, etc. but anglers or teams will no longer be required to do so.

The tour is aware of both good and bad points of this relaxation of a long held captain’s meeting tradition. However, we feel in time the anglers will benefit and appreciate the extra 2-3 hours that traveling to, meeting and returning from require in order to make a pre-tournament meeting and will ensure the safest possible event possible.


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