Feb 17

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EFL Discovery Go in 2021



NEDERLAND TEXAS. (February 2021) – The Elite Fishing League is the highest professional level of competitive redfishing where anglers from across the country qualify for the opportunity to participate.

Worldwide viewers and fans already following the Tidewater Boats Elite Fishing League, presented by Yamaha Outboards on the Discovery Channel, Amazon Prime, EFL Fishing dot com and EFL YouTube channels will now have another platform to catch all of the exciting and high drama action.

In 2021 the EFL will once again produce and air 13 original episodes including 6 rounds of competition, 6 winning ways episodes and 1 giant tour championship all on the Discovery Channel and in 2021, the Discovery Go app.

On the EFL anglers are notified of the required meeting location for their round of competition just 24 before they must launch their boat and head out for an action packed round of competition. Mystery waters, no practice periods and more with a premium on conservation the pros of the EFL are challenged in ways that they have never experienced in normal fishing tournaments.

Excitement, panic, drama, intense and challenging are just a few of the words the pros themselves have used to describe this new and exciting format, heading into season 2.

The new and exciting format was created in 2020 to see which anglers (accompanied by an tour official and cameraman) were best at handling the ups and downs, twist and turns of this exciting format that challenges each cast member physically, mentally and sometimes even emotionally. In season 1 nearly 2,000,000 viewers tuned in to catch the action on the Discovery Channel alone. Another 300,000 caught re-airs on local/regional networks and 200,000 more have watched online to this point.

Tune in, once again in Q4 of 2021 to see the exciting drama filled look into the fast paced action filled episodes airing on Sunday mornings and now available anywhere on the Discovery Go App available in both the Apple and Google app stores.

The action is fast and furious as you will see by catching up on past episodes from season 1 in full 4K HD at the Elite Fishing League TV website.



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