Jun 03

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EFL Finds Silver Slipper



The Elite Fishing League lands in Bay St. Louis.

The 2021 Elite Fishing League (EFL) will be filming for 4 days June 7-10 for episodes to air nationally on the Discovery Channel for season 2 with all new 60 minute episodes. On the EFL anglers fish mystery waters without practice periods accompanied by a tour official/referee and cameraman on their boat. The EFL is a conservation focused, made for TV fishing reality series/show.

The referees that accompany each pro must know all rules and administer immediate penalties for any on the water violations. In addition a referee will weigh each pros fish and then upload that weight to the online tournament app for fans to follow along who is leading and how their favorite pro is doing during the day.

The pros compete in 2 four hour periods, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon separated by a mandatory 1 hour break. The action is fast and furious as the pros try to catch and land as many redfish as possible during each fishing period. All fish must weigh at least 3 pounds and cannot go over 10 pounds. There is no measuring of fish as they are caught, weighed and immediately put back in the water to swim off.

The field is divided into 4 groups of 5 with the first group fishing on Monday, the 2nd group fishing on Tuesday, 3rd group on Wednesday and finally the 4th group fishing on Thursday. The Silver Slipper Hotel and Casino is the launching point for all 4 days of exciting action. Each group will head out each morning before daylight to their official fishing destination announced just moments prior to leaving the parking lot of the Silver Slipper Casino and will return in the afternoon.

We invite you to come out and meet the pros and participate in each afternoon’s news conference at the Slipper Beach  Bar & Café stage, located underneath the hotel adjacent to the beach, when the pros will meet the press to discuss their day on the water, the mishaps, misfortunes and/or great catches that catapulted them to the win and a ticket to the tour championship to take place later in the season and their shot at a $100,000.00 payday.

MEDIA: Please contact us if you’d like to attend or send a representative to participate when we make the field available to answer questions Monday, June 7-Thursday, June 10 6:00 PM-7:00 PM at the Silver Slipper Casino and Hotel’s Beach Bar & Café.

Please watch the 2020 episodes to see all that can happen in a typical day on the water with the cast of pros in this conservation centered tour known as the Elite Fishing League. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ8fNo8Pln8&t=39s








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