Feb 16

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Elite Champions Tour in Jacksonville



Jacksonville Florida to host a Elite Redfish Series Champions Team Tour Event

Fishing, food and fun in the Sunshine State May 1, 2021.

NEDERLAND TEXAS. (February 2021) – The Elite Redfish Series is the highest professional level that anglers from across the country try to qualify to join. Fans and spectators will be able to follow the Tidewater Boats Elite Redfish series pros as they compete in a high-energy competition preceded by five days of official practice.

May 1, 2021 the Champions Team Tour will launch out of Jim King Park at Sisters Creek for a full day of fishing in some of the best and most beautiful redfish waters on the east coast. 3:00 PM will mark the return of the teams from a full day of fishing when they hit the stage for the always exciting live weigh in and awards presentation. Always open to the public and always fun in sun when the tour lands in Jacksonville Florida. Learn more about the Elite Champions Team Tour.

Visit Jacksonville will also be featured on the Discovery Channel as a presenting sponsor on the Elite Fishing League’s very popular made for TV reality sports show featuring the top pros and personalities in the country competing in head to head redfish tournament competitions.

The Show which airs in Q4 with 13 new episodes features Big Fish, Big Money and Big Drama. A selected cast of anglers travel the coast not knowing where they are fishing until the morning of their round of competition. A tour official and cameraman accompanies each competitor as they catch, weigh, release and record as many redfish catches as they can in 2 four hour periods of fishing during a day of competition.

The action is fast and furious as you will see by catching up on past episodes at the Elite Fishing League TV website.

About Jacksonville

Abundant natural resources, beautiful weather, and river and ocean access have attracted settlers to Northeast Florida for thousands of years. Walk through Jacksonville’s history to see how the area has evolved from an early European settlement, to today’s thriving metropolis. As a melting pot of cultures and races since 1564, Jacksonville is proud of its vast heritage and eager to welcome new visitors to discover it!

Jacksonville’s history, arts and cultural community shines bright with stand-out museums, boutique galleries, and performing arts galore. Experience a unique blend of festivals, live music, art events, and exhibitions. As a melting pot of cultures and races since 1564, Jacksonville is proud of its vast heritage and culture, and eager to welcome new visitors to discover it!

Get those taste buds ready for a new delicious experience only in Jacksonville. No other Florida city has more unique flavors than Jacksonville, a melting pot of cultures and tastes, with a thriving culinary culture pioneered by local chefs that have been nationally and internationally trained. Read more on Jacksonville’s Local Dining.

  • Jacksonville proudly boasts the largest urban park system in the country with more than 80,000 acres including 400 city parks, seven state parks, two national parks and dozens of gardens and arboretums.
  • With warm temperatures throughout the year and dozens of beaches nearby, Jacksonville has unlimited recreational possibilities.
  • The Atlantic coast of Northern Florida is a popular spot for surfing, swimming, fishing and boating.
  • Lively Jacksonville Beach is the most popular surfing, swimming, sunbathing, fishing and boating beach in Jacksonville.
  • Jax ranked 35th in the nation for Best Parks. ParkScore, 2012.
  • Come hike, kayak, bike, camp, fish and explore our green areas, you can even go horseback riding on the beach or do yoga while paddle boarding on the Intracoastal!



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