Oct 31

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Kayak Classic

Keith Lake Classic to close out
2022 on the Elite Kayak Tour

October 31, 2022

Teams to meet in PORT ARTHUR, Texas

Weather could play a factor in this event like it can just about anywhere along the Gulf Coast in late fall but if the stars align and all phases of the moon cooperate it could be a slam dunk that this event could produce some of the best saltwater action some of the teams and spectators have ever seen. Fingers and toes crossed as the 19th of November approaches and teams prepare to compete in the final stop of the 2022 season the Elite Fishing Series.



Highlights, excerpts and angler interviews will be featured this season on the episode highlighting some of Port Arthur’s great fishing, terrific cajun food flavors, nightlife and more on the Discovery Channel. Come out and watch the anglers or throw your hat in the ring for a fun day of competition in this community friendly, family fun open redfish kayak tournament event. The weigh in will take place at Keith Lake Park Saturday, November 20th beginning at 4:00 PM, bring a lawn chair and be ready for a fun afternoon with the great team of anglers and crew from the Elite Fishing tournament and television series in Port Arthur.


















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