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Kayak Event (returning teams)

Event registration page for teams having already fished and submitted information form for a previous Elite Kayak Tournament.
NOTE: a small electronic payment charge 3.5% + - and transaction fee will be added to the amount charged... I.E. 100.00 would be $105.00 total.
If you have fished with us previously and none of your information has changed you need only to type your name and your team mates' name for this event (we do not need their information other than name) and hit submit.
Please tell us your title sponsor for promotional purposes. Can be named or changed later.
Please update here any CHANGES to your address previously submitted for prior event...
No spaces or dashes. Please type your social security or tax id number here.
Type in angler 2's name or instructions like "I am fishing as a 1 man team", etc...

What is the fourth letter of the alphabet?

Here you get to prove you are a human and not a web bot

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