Jun 21

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Myrtle Grove Madness

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Kelly Dupre – Kevin Harvey

Kelly Dupre / Kevin Harvey Master the Madness!

Kevin Harvey and Kelly Dupre take the first event of the season with 59.24 pounds and drive off with the Champion’s Grand Prize package. The 22′ Tidewater Baymax Boat powered by a 200XB Yamaha Outboard and the rig sitting on a McClain Trailers custom tandem axle trailer. This fabulous Champion’s guaranteed grand prize at each of the 4 team open events this season carries a retail value of nearly $60,000.00.

The 2020 Tidewater Boats Elite Redfish Series, presented by Yamaha Outboards got underway Friday morning June 19 with the launching of the fleet for day 1 of this 2 day competition taking place in Myrtle Grove Louisiana.

The #MyrtleGroveMadness would allow 2 angler teams to keep 3 redfish per day for a tournament total limit of 6. Each day teams would have to bring in 2 “slot” fish, measuring between 16 and 27 inches per Louisiana state law and 1 “over” fish that could push the line all the way up the Check It Stik measuring board to 30″. The over as it is known would play a pivotal roll in the outcome of this event.

As day 1 kicked off with the live stream of the morning launch it was evident that not only the anglers participating in this event were ready for some great fishing but so were the over 39,000 viewers that logged on to catch the stream. Within 3 hours the “reach” of that stream topped the 128,000 mark. The 2020 season was off and running… fast!

As the 42 – 2 angler teams headed out of Myrtle Grove Marina it was the Mississippi team of Bo Favre and Justin Ladner getting on the board first, boating a 8 pound stud just minutes after shutting down at their first spot of the day, which just happened to be just a few minutes from the launch. By day 1’s end Bo and Justin had landed 27.35 pounds, good enough for 12th place heading into day 2.

Team after team caught great fish in the sun drenched waters in and around Myrtle Grove. The bright blue bird skies meant teams could site fish, a favorite pattern among this field of pros. However, along with the blue skies came a high pressure front which left many teams scratching their heads. “We say hundreds of good fish but just couldn’t get them to bite”, stated local favorites, Eddie Adams and Sean O’Connell.

One team that did figure them out on day 1, the leaders, Jacob Brown and Lance Babin weighed in 3 fish for 29.12 pounds and sat in first place at the conclusion of day 1 but the uneasiness of knowing the top 12 teams were within 2 pounds didn’t leave Brown and Babin feeling over confident by any means.

The total take on day 1 showed 110 fish were weighed in with 109 alive for a total weight of 919.26 pounds of live redfish were brought to the scales by the 37 teams that weighed in. The average fish weighed 8.36 pounds.

In order to keep social distancing concerns in mind 30 minutes was placed between flight 1 (21 teams) and flight 2 (21 teams) weigh in times. Therefore on day 2 the field would be inverted instead of the normal, launch according to your place of finish that the tour usually observes. “The early morning bite and afternoon bite are so different we just felt it would be more fair that each team fished in both time periods”, stated tour host Pat Malone.

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Day 2’s slugfest continued day 1’s great fishing as teams hit the stage to begin weighing their fish. First in was team Fish Finder Adventures, Elliot Stevens and Jude Songe (left) came in early as they had “all we could catch and wanted to get them weighed and released in good shape”, Stevens stated. When the scales settled, their monster limit of 29.70 pounds gave them a 2 day total of 57.54 pounds which lasted all the way until Harvey and Dupre weighed in late in the day leaving Fish Finder Adventures in 2nd place netting them $6,000.00.

Eddie Adams and Sean O’Connell took home $5,000.00 for the heaviest 3 fish limit of the tournament. Their 29.68 pounds was good enough to win the Berkley Big Bag prize money while Harvey and Dupre piled on another $6,000.00 to their winnings by placing first in the frogg toggs Angler Advantage contest.

Select a link above to see how your favorite team did during this record setting event which saw 204 redfish weighed in 202 alive for a 99% live release rate. The total weight of 1,718.40 pounds of fish weighed meant a “average” weight per fish, per team was 8.42 pounds and a team’s “average” limit nearly hit 40 pounds. It was a great event with over $90,000.00 paid back in cash and prizes to 9 of the 42 teams just under 1 in 4 participants were paid.


What the pros are saying online: #MyrtleGroveMadness

Jude Songe, LA

Hands down best weather for a tournament I ever fished! Congrats to Kevin Harvey and Kelly Dupre on the W! But we was coming for ya like Ricky Bobby was coming for Jean Girard, but when Poncho tell ya he’s on weight, take it to the bank head! Congrats to all that fished. Elliot Stevens thanks for the invite to sub, to think I was really just wanting to go trout fishing. Came home Wednesday evening from being gone for 15days, Carissa Falgout Songe helped me rig boat. Went to take a look at a few of my local spots Thursday am, by 8:30 am I had 5 spots, two of the 5 had the fish we needed! Texted my partner at 8:35 am told him to pick his boat up, I had the fish we needed. Day 1 was great, I knew a lot of people was going to be on fish, just by the 3 days they had of amazing, sunny, no wind pre-fishing weather. But like all 2day tournaments you can’t win it day 1, but you can lose it on day 1! Stay around top ten is what you really shooting far…


Chance Angel, TX

Went from about 1.5 lbs. out of the lead on day 1 of the Elite Redfish Series June 19-20 ERS 1 – Myrtle Grove Madness to fish all the big fish we could ask for that would not eat and ended up dropping back to 18th.

It just wasn’t our day i guess. On to the next one!

Thanks to all my sponsors as usual for all that you have done and still do for me. Congrats to #teamcooyan Kevin Harvey and Kelly Dupre on the win and also another special thanks to Kevin & Chantel Harvey for opening up their beautiful home for some pre game crawfish and cornhole, which they kicked our A$$E$ in that too 😂#mudnblood


Kevin Harvey, LA

Wow, after all the hard work I put into this competitive sport of fishing it finally payed off! Chasing that win on the Elite Redfish Series is not an easy thing to do. I finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th last year out of 5 Elite tournaments but just couldn’t get the win. Day 1 of this 2 day event was so crazy that it came down to seconds from losing the whole tournament. It literally went from high fives to oh oh, not good!

After a 70 mile run back to the scales I decided to check on the fish and re-measure one that was close to being too long. With 13 minutes to spare we jumped into a pond jacked a perfect fish and made it back with 15 seconds left on the clock! As far as day 2 it was just one of those #supersmash days when we were culling 8lb slot fish by 9 am. I want to thank my family for supporting me and being there watching it all unfold. Big thank you to all my sponsors that help me get where I am today! Congratulations to all the other competitors who placed in this event as well.



Next up: Showtime on Sabine July 11-12, presented by Visit Port Arthur Texas

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