Mar 29

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Eschete has big Win in Kemah, TX.

On Day 1 Yamaha Majek pro, Dwayne Eschete vaulted into the lead with a 24.79 pound, 3 fish limit bag and held off all challengers for his first win on the Elite Redfish Atlas All Star Tour. 


Dwayne’s weight locked in at a whopping 3 day total of 73.00 pounds even as he took home the top prize check of $16,500.00 cash, the coveted winner’s trophy and 200 valuable points in the Skeeter Boats western division chase for the championship.


Check out the full HD episode that aired on Discovery Channel.


Good guys can finish first as another pro discovered during day 3. As a Elite Redfish Series competitor I wanted to take the time to share something with Elite Nation because it really made me see the type of anglers there are on this tour. On day 3, Saturday, after failing to make the cut to fish in the top 5 on the final day of the Elite Redfish Series in Kemah, TX I decided to fish another tournament, a one day event being held in Galveston. I decided to make the long run, again, to Lake Sabine. To make a long story short I was running through Sabine Lake and ran by Elite Series pro, Dwayne Eschete on the way to my pond.

Shortly after passing Dwayne, I was forced to stop to make a small repair down on the deck of my boat, so I shut down and climbed down to do so. Dwayne was headed to his spot when he saw my boat shut down in the middle of the lake. He turned around from where he was going and came to check on me in order to make sure I didn’t need any help. I told him I was ok and he went on his way but this just goes to show you that this guy is as “stand up” as it gets.

He’s leading an Elite Redfish Series event on day 3 and on the way to his spot took the time to make sure that a fellow angler was ok knowing it would cost him valuable fishing time and could cost him his first win on the Elite Redfish Series. I for one, am very proud to say that I get to fish the Elite Redfish Series and with these guys.

Winning is one thing but safety and the well being of your fellow competitors is priority ONE! This was displayed in a huge fashion Saturday. I just wanted to share this story only because people don’t get to see these things when they watch big time tournaments like the Elite Series. Elite Redfish Series pro ~ Alan Thompson


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