Jan 26

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Solo Tour Kick Off


Visit Jefferson Parish Partnering to Feature Fishing at Family Gras

Fun in Jefferson Parish is Job #1

NEDERLAND, TEXAS. (January 2022)

















The Elite Redfish Series is the highest professional level of live redfish tournament and competitive television on the Discovery Channel.

The Elite Redfish Solo Tour featuring one angler per boat fishing head to head mano y mano against other single angler competitors will kick off in just a couple of short weeks. The scramble is on. On the Elite Redfish Series producing safe, accurate and fun events with a focus on conservation is job #1. A major part of the conservations aspect is making sure that the tour and it’s competitors respect the resource and landowners rights and request as it comes to operating their vessels in some of the most pristine waters in the nation.

Not a very popular stand with the anglers that frequented the stage of the Elite Redfish Series we decided late last year to make the first move in regaining the respect and favor of local anglers, crabbers, oyster harvesters, duck hunters and of course the land owners by prohibiting the use of boats specifically designed to run super shallow along sensitive shorelines and grass flats. With every storm we see more and more marsh disappear and it is the goal of the Elite Redfish Series to do our part to limit the impact our tour has on these prestigious and mostly private areas.

The response from communities has been overwhelming at the start of 2022 and is exactly what we were hoping for. One great community invited us to be a part of their very popular Family Gras Festival and it didn’t take long to say yes. What a great community of people, fishing and food is to be found in Jefferson Parish. Stay tuned for more information but save the date February 18-20 the streets will be lined with people along the parade route and this year, the terrific pros of the Elite Redfish Series will be toting in giant sacks of Louisiana redfish to be weighed, enjoyed at the Berkley Fishing Live Redfish Experience tanks and then released back into the water in and around Metairie where all events are taking place.


Family Gras and Metairie Louisiana:
Jefferson Parish, Louisiana is a diverse community sprawling the southern shore of Lake Pontchartrain and ending sixty miles later on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Nestled next to our famous neighbor, New Orleans, Jefferson Parish offers a vibrant nightlife, as well as the quiet serenity of a nature walk.

An area of rapid growth and business development over the past several decades, Jefferson Parish has the ability to offer venues and accommodations to a broad spectrum. With two major convention centers and numerous recreational facilities, Jefferson hosts conferences, meetings, exhibits, theatrical performances, and sports tournaments. Attractions ranging from historical to adventurous and budget-conscious accommodations provide families with a memorable vacation. The business traveler can enjoy the convenient locations of accommodations while still enjoying close proximity to diningshopping, and attractions.

We invite you to visit Jefferson Parish. Chat with the locals at a fair or festival, celebrate at a Mardi Gras parade, taste our delicious authentic Louisiana cuisine, shop the retail capitol of Louisiana. Fish and hunt in a sportsman’s paradise, hike and camp in beautiful state parks, and swim and boat along our coast. Rich in culture, diverse in its people and steeped in tradition, Jefferson Parish is waiting to be explored.


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