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Brecknell Kayak Tour

The Brecknell Scales Elite Kayak Tour is built for enthusiast and pros a like.

NOTE: Electronic svc fee will be added to total when paid using credit or debit card. Payments are non-refundable non-transferable unless the event is cancelled or date is changed after entry fee is paid except in the case of an act of god, hurricane, tropical storms or other natural disaster. Spots in both the Brecknell Elite Kayak Tour Open are limited to a max of 20 two angler teams. Your spot will ONLY be secured when you pay your invoice that will follow submitting this registration. Look for a SQUARE UP Evoice from Headturners3, LLC., our corporate name. Big Red must be paid by 8:00 pm the night prior to the event. (usually a Friday)
Please tell us your title sponsor for promotional purposes. Can be named or changed later.
No spaces or dashes. Please type your social security or tax id number here.
If you are fishing as a 1 person team please put "solo" in box. You can name him/her later or change anytime prior to the morning of the event.
If they would like to be added to our emailing list put their email address here.

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