Nov 09

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Team Tour Open 3





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Team Waterloo Caron and ORiley Win

Team TML Gonzalez and Moreno Win

Bartt Caron and Russell ORiley take the top spot at the #ShowtimeOnSouthPadre Saturday at the Hytorc Elite Team Open with their 2 fish limit weighing in at 14.22 pounds.

2nd place and the Brecknell Big Red went to Team Ace’s Tony Salinas and Mark Robinson. Mark and Tony weighed in a 7.61 pounder to net the $1200.00 Brecknell bonus check to add to their 2nd place payday.

3rd place went to the Bill Lewis Lures team of Tim Young and Nate Skinner with 10.67 pounds on a tough day of fishing just having a double digit weight as this team did can reward you with a top 5 finish.

4th place went to Tony Viator and Joe Peddy while the 5th and final spot in the top 5 went to Chris Shindledecker and Fletcher Webb.

It was a great weekend in South Padre Island and while the fishing proved to be tougher than normal this beautiful island and the new Margaritaville Beach Resort did not disappoint.

What a beautiful resort Margaritaville was, fresh rooms, a great staff and terrific tournament location that produced great crowds both days of the Elite Fishing Series tournament weigh ins.

Jorge Gonzalez and Orlando Moreno take the top spot at the #ShowtimeOnSouthPadre Sunday at the Hoodoo Sports Elite Kayak Open with a 2 fish limit of 11.77 pounds on a tough day of fishing on South Padre Island. 

2nd went to team JRZ Lures, Tyler Juarez and Aaron Gonzalez who weighed in 10.49 pounds of live south padre redfish.

3rd place went to Ruben Sanchez and Tandy Villarreal, team Battle Born Rodz had a good day but not quite as good as the 4th place finishers who weighed in just 1 fish but it was the Brecknell Big Red for the Kayak division weighing 7.03 pounds and catching a $1,500.00 check for Randy and Randle.

The 5th and final spot in the top 5 went to Chris and Janie Murphey from Baton Rouge Louisiana who traveled for their first trip to South Padre Island and loved it.

Another team traveling to South Padre for the first time was the Heathern Outdoors team of Derick Lewis and Joe Lee who brought their wives for a summertime tournament and vacation all the way from SC !

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