Jul 18

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Kemah Clash Kayak Open

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Hayes and Keill Win Kemah!

The Fishing Tackle Unlimited team of Daniel Hayes and Tony Keill take the top spot on the podium at the 2022 Kemah Classic Elite Kayak Open.

The Brecknell Big Red Heads to the Stage…

With a total weight of 15.35 on 2 live redfish team FTU were 0.89 pounds better than the 2nd place team of Jeff Slingluff and Kenneth Yetter when they weighed in 14.46 pounds. Hayes and Keill took the top spot and the check for $4,500.00 but left some meat on the bone when they did not choose to get in the Brecknell Big Red Challenge.

Brecknell is the official scales of all things Elite Redfish Series and provides accurate reading of weights time after time as well as some nice prize money and hardware to those that enter and win.

This week it was the 2nd place team taking the Big Red of the #KemahClash with a beautiful 8.24 pound LIVE redfish. That’s right even the kayakers have to keep their catch alive on the Elite Redfish Series or receive a half of a pound penalty for each dead fish, so far these pros are doing a fabulous job with just 2 dead fish total in 2 tournaments with a total of 70 kayakers competing. Great job anglers! For 2nd their 2nd place finish and the Big Red of the event Jeff and Kenneth took home a total of $4,500.00 matching the winners take.

In 3rd place was the Hoodoo Sports team of Joe Arthur and Eddie Guerrero who moved up a spot and took home the final check of the day when previous 3rd place finishers, Daniel Duong and Roland Brown’s fish were d.q.’d for a rules violation. On all Elite Redfish Series tours anglers can only use artificial lures and artificial attractants and must avoid products that use actual fish products in their mix. I.E. fish, crab, shrimp, pogie paste, etc. in any form cannot be part of the product.

Tough blow to this team for sure but it was obvious they are still getting their footing and not doing anything nefarious as the evidence of these products and their use were in plain view on their kayaks when they came through official check in.

“If this team was trying to hide or skirt the rules they were sure doing a poor job of it, this is a rules violation like in football where a player may jump offsides or hold on a play those are considered rules violations and will carry penalties but the angler’s intent was not to cheat or take an unfair advantage of the field or they surely would have done a better job hiding the evidence. I’m sure it hurts after having a heavy bag but they’ll learn from it and could not have been more professional in their reaction to the news” ~Elite Host Pat Malone.

The top 5 finished out with Houma Louisiana pros Kalon Johnson and Brandon Thibodaux fishing for Explore Houma weighing in 12.53 pounds after a long ride to Texas. “Wow, this is great we weren’t expecting anything” team captain Johnson told the crowd.

On the Elite Redfish Series 1 team for each 6 registered gets a check and custom trophies, the top 5 teams are guaranteed to receive commemorative oversized checks.

All in all what a great event on the Elite Kayak Tour, the anglers were fantastic, the crowd was big and loud and the city of Kemah Texas really rolled out the red carpet for these guys and gals.

All fish were caught and released alive at the conclusion of the tournament and after a recovery time in the Berkley Fishing Live Redfish Experience tank which rejuvenates the fish and is a real crowd pleaser too…

Until next time when we hit the shores of South Padre Island September 24 in the #SouthPadreShowdown stay safe, catch a lot of fish and release them all to be caught again for generations to come…


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