Aug 25

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Father Son Take Port Arthur Kayak

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Father and Son Win!

For the first time for the Elite Redfish Series we invited and were surprised by the great turnout as 30 Kayak Pros hit the water in their own division on Saturday in the Elite Kayak Tour event. These 30 anglers teamed up to make 15 teams and came to the stage just after the Solo Tour pros finished weighing in. Championship Saturday was great as these guys and gal put on a show of their own. One kayak angler, Jay Martin summed it up perfectly in a post tournament post…

The dynamic between boat and kayak anglers has been interesting over the years. I feel like up until recently, kayak anglers were, for lack of better terms, looked down upon. It was nice seeing the boat anglers clapping and cheering for the kayak anglers as we weighed in. ~Jay Martin

Exactly Jay, well said and to the point, being an Elite angler encompasses a whole lot more than just catching a fish and cutting a check and we are proud of the group of true pros we have competing in our events. No running people over, win at all cost, no burning up shorelines or pushing the lines of sportsmanship with tricks and techniques that are not fair to the entire field or good for the sport. There will be a lot more on the kayakers as we ready for the Kemah Clash coming up August 19-20 at the Kemah Boardwalk but for event 1, this was a total success and we’d like to tip our hats to them and the boaters that were beyond accepting of each other and their equipment and techniques for catching the fish we all love. ~Redfish

See information on the Kemah Solo Tour and Kayak Open here.

Thank you to all of the anglers, spectators, staff, volunteers and of course Visit Port Arthur who made everything possible and perfect for the pros of the Elite Redfish Series once again. A special thanks to the SALT Club of Pleasure Island for your help and support during this great event. Until the next time we get together again, on the water or on the web, stay safe and keep fishing it’s the best sport in the world to get hook’d on…

Paddle or Peddle let’s have some fun.


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