Mar 10

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2023-24 EFL Returns


The Elite Fishing Series is the highest professional level for a select number of invited professional saltwater anglers from across the coast. Lucky fan and friend takes home awesome new Elite rig (below).

After covid it was obvious the marine business took a big hit, regardless of the manufacturer everyone was facing supply chain issues that would render them almost helpless in trying to get rigs from order to delivery in under a year sometimes longer. 

It is known that most Elite professional anglers having exclusive boat and motor deals of their own meaning the rigs won would be offered for sale to a select few family, friends or contacts the pro may have. Prior to this change the tour pro would have to order the boat, pick the colors, options, etc. and then hope they picked models and options that would move quickly so they could recognize the monetary benefits of their win.

The 2021 slow down in the supply chain made it almost impossible to have the prize rigs ahead of the start of the season to be awarded at the events so the Elite Fishing Series decided (with the support of the manufacturers) to award certificates for the same makes and models. The benefits of this change, for the winners were recognized almost immediately. 

Now the winning angler could receive his winnings months faster as a factory backed certificate was able to be moved to a potential buyer immediately after being won. For the lucky person purchasing the certificate that meant they were able to pick the colors, add ons, features and other nice touches to make the rig their own as opposed to what was built and delivered prior to knowing who would win it and what they colors and options they would like.

To the end user, like Mr. Clint below the lucky recipient of the certificate from Elite pro Tony Viator after the 2022 Elite National Championship, a few months waiting on the boat of a lifetime customized as he and his wife wanted it… The time flew by “Thank you Elite Series again for all your help in securing my awesome new boat!”, ~Clint.

So the pro(s) like 2022 winners Tony Viator and Bo Favre both reaped the winnings of their victory almost immediately and put the money in the bank and to the fortunate fan or friend, like Mr. Clint and his wife from Texas they were able to customize their rig the way they wanted it and man is it beautiful. Win Win!

Thank you to great companies that continue to support the best of the best as they compete from Florida to South Texas on the Elite Fishing Series and for helping the tour and it’s pros compete on the fairest and most level playing field tournament series in available today.

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