Jan 16

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2024 Elite Kayak Tour

Brecknell Scales Elite Kayak Tour 2024 –

The Brecknell Scales company maker of the ElectroSamson scales used for years by top weigh and release tours like the Elite Fishing League and Major League Fishing. The tour will have a limited number of open events in 2024 with fishermen friendly entry fees and Elite production of the events. 

Following up on 2022 and 2023 seasons that had the tour off to a great start the Brecknell Elite Kayak Tour will return to kayak fishing friendly communities where anglers will have choices and options on the style of fishing they want.

Always artificial and always a focus on conservation the Brecknell Elite Kayak Tour will once again feature artificial lures only and live release of the fish after their weights have been recorded.

Stay tuned as more information is released for 2024, in the meantime join us in our Brecknell Elite Kayak Group on facebook for special promotions and more information on how you can be involved.

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The Brecknell brand has always been associated with global weighing manufacturers and has been viewed in many different guises over the last century.

Charles W Brecknell and Co was founded in 1913 in Birmingham, England and was the first firm to manufacture visible weighers for the wholesale industry. The company continued to expand into the 1920s and was purchased by W & T Avery Limited in 1926.

The Salter brand has also played a part in Brecknell’s history, and product was sold under the name Salter Brecknell for several years when Weigh Tronix and Avery Scales merged to form Avery Weigh-Tronix in 2003. The brand has since been re-branded as ‘Brecknell’ and continues to be sold under this name today.

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