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Feb 05

Waterloo Rods National Championship

The Waterloo Rods National Championship will take place September 20-21-22 and determine the top redfish angler in the country. When you say Waterloo Rods anglers of all levels listen. Might as well fish the best is more than a slogan it's a way of life for the folks at Waterloo Rods!

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Nov 18

Kayak Classic in Port Arthur Preview

Of course the fishing is always good in Port Arthur with bayous, backwaters and canals but did you know some of the best food in SE Texas or in the state of Texas for that matter can be found at local restaurants and taverns around town? Restaurants like the Schooner have been around since 1947! You don't get to stay in business that long without having some great menu items and fabulous customer service. Family owned and operated for 70+ years the tradition continues. As the sign shows, fresh seafood and perfect steaks are what they are known for but if the weather has you hunting some good for the soul, food, then gumbo may be right up your alley, and you won't be disappointed.

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Nov 03

Elite Solo Championship

Frogg Toggs Elite Solo Tour Championship Sept 21-23

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Oct 31

Kayak Classic

Highlights, excerpts and angler interviews will be featured this season on the episode highlighting some of Port Arthur's great fishing, terrific cajun food flavors, nightlife and more on the Discovery Channel. Come out and watch the anglers or throw your hat in the ring for a fun day of competition in this community friendly, family fun open redfish kayak tournament event. The weigh in will take place at Keith Lake Park Saturday, November 19th beginning at 4:00 PM, bring a lawn chair and be ready for a fun afternoon with the great team of anglers and crew from the Elite Fishing tournament and television series in Port Arthur.

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Sep 28

National Championship

Victoria Pro, Mark Robinson takes another National Championship. When Mark Robinson showed up in South Padre Island for a few days of practice he already had a slight advantage having fished multiple other Elite tournaments in these same waters but what he wasn't expecting was to be greeted by such a finicky bite from the usually very receptive South Texas Redfish. As one would expect Mark made his normal milk runs to check locations that he had previously fished with some success and while he found fish and a lot of them, the sizes were smaller than usual and they were extremely tight lipped.

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Sep 28

Angler of the Year

Bo finished the season with a 4th place finish at the 2022 National Championship 3 day redfish tournament held at Jim's Pier located on South Padre Island Texas and compiled his season ending total of 2017 points. Anglers competing on the Elite Redfish Series would use their best 3 finishes including the Championship to compile their points total in the frogg toggs Chase for the Championship.

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Aug 06

Kemah Clash to Feature Pro-AM

The Elite Solo Tour will produce its first ever Pro Am as part of the Kemah Clash August 19-20, 2022...

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Jun 13

White and Mills Win TOY

Congratulations Barnie White and Dwayne Mills on winning TOY! "Consistency is the key and locating and landing good fish at each event was our goal, this is what we really wanted." Barnie White told the great group of people gathered at Rigolets Marina Saturday in Slidell, LA. as he spoke of the Team of the Year award. For their consistency and excellence this team is the first team to punch a ticket and will represent the Elite Redfish Series at the no entry fee 2022 Bassmaster Redfish Cup $100,000.00 Championship taking place in November. Check out the 2021 Bassmaster Redfish Event Here. Congratulations Barnie and Dwayne have represented themselves, their family, friends and fans as well as the sport very well and we are proud to call you Elite Pros. Good luck in November, we will all be watching every cast live from start to finish and pulling for you.

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Jun 05

2023 Kayak Opens

Overview of Hoodoo Elite Kayak Tour

Read more here...

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Jun 05

2023 Team Open Tour Announcement

The Elite Redfish Series is committed to giving weekend anglers and pros alike the most professional platform available today to compete and promote their sponsors and the sport on at the highest level, with no shortcuts and without breaking the bank!

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