Nov 18

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Kayak Classic in Port Arthur Preview

Keith Lake Kayak in Port Arthur Texas

Nov 18, 2022

Bring your Rods and Appetite

Of course, fishing is always good in Port Arthur, especially for kayakers. With its protected bayous, backwaters and canals, rarely is wind an issue but did you know some of the best food in SE Texas, or in the entire state of Texas for that matter, can be found at local restaurants and taverns around town? Restaurants like the Schooner have been around since 1947! You only get to stay in business that long with having great menu items and fabulous customer service. Family-owned and operated for 70+ years, the tradition continues. As the sign shows, fresh seafood and perfect steaks are what they are known for, but if the weather has you hunting some good for the soul food, then a big bowl of gumbo may be right up your alley and you won’t be disappointed.

Preview Keith Lake Boat Ramp from Above 

Fowlers and fishermen alike enjoy launching right in the heart of waters and marsh built for what they want to do. The site of Sunday’s weigh-in on the Hoodoo Elite Kayak Tour is a great location, the Keith Lake Ramp, just off Highway 87, puts outdoor lovers up close and personal with nature when they head out from Walter Umphrey State Park Keith Lake. The launch is a very popular fishing area along the Texas coastal marsh but this weekend the waters will be shared with avid duck hunters who have waited all year to do what they do. With the duck hunters having the marsh to themselves during this time of year there is still plenty of good fishing in and around the area for those that like to paddle, pedal or push in stealth mode to catch their fish.

This weekend it’s more about quality of purpose vs. quantity of anglers. The Hoodoo Elite Kayak Tour is using this opportunity to film special shots for inclusion in 2022 Discovery Channel episodes for the Elite Fishing Series. Therefore this weekend is more about the opportunity to promote the sport and the local community to viewers worldwide than just holding a tournament ~Elite host Pat Malone.



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