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National Championship

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Robinson, 2022 National Champion!

Victoria Pro, Mark Robinson takes another National Championship. When Mark Robinson showed up in South Padre Island for a few days of practice he already had a slight advantage having fished multiple other Elite tournaments in these same waters but what he wasn’t expecting was to be greeted by such a finicky bite from the usually very receptive South Texas Redfish. As one would expect Mark made his normal milk runs to check locations that he had previously fished with some success and while he found fish and a lot of them, the sizes were smaller than usual and they were extremely tight lipped.

The anglers that fished their way to the National Championship all had similar reports as they hit the stage on day 1 to weigh in their catch. Seeing a lot of fish but having a hard time getting them to bite. Day 2 another curve ball from mother nature, the normal pristine and crystal clear waters of South Padre had turned murky making site casting, a favorite of redfish pros across the nation, almost impossible. An angler familiar with similar water conditions coming from Port O’Connor TX, Will Granberry took the lead from Mark but by just 77/100 of a pound setting up an exciting day 3.

For day 3 The Super Six would head out and be competing for what would total a nearly $150,000.00 purse in cash and prizes. As day 3 progressed and with few on the water updates it appeared it would be more of the same. “These fish are in transition and we are seeing a lot of them but they are just not interested in eating.” Robinson told the great crowd that had assembled to watch the final day of competition for 2022.

One thing that was not a curveball to Mark was his new Tidewater Raptor 25′ boat. “Man this boat is great, I get up in super shallow water and it takes rough water better than any boat I’ve ever owned, this boat will not be a secret weapon for long.” Mark told the crowd that had assembled at The Painted Marlin restaurant parking lot at Jim’s Pier and the thousands watching online. Mark deferred to the 2 day leader and weighed in his fish before Will. The scales settled and it was official, Robinson had taken the lead back from Granberry with a day 3 limit of 17.11 pounds leaving Will needing just 16.34 pounds to win. Will had been weighing in 6 pounders all weekend with 16.84 on day 1 and 16. 81 on day 2 .and if he did it again, he’d at National Champion to his Rookie of the Year title.

“I don’t know, he’s been catching the bigger fish all weekend, we’ll just have to see.” Robinson said as he greeted the spectators and thanked his sponsors for their support in 2022 as well he gave a big should out to South Padre Island CVB for hosting the Championship in their community again and for doing such a great job of supporting the event. Then there was just 1, it was time to see if this “rookie” to the Elite Solo Tour could do it or would the experienced long time Elite Tour pro Mark Robinson notch another championship mark in his belt. Mark’s last tour championship came in 2017 in Port Arthur Texas.

Granberry put his fish on the scale and as they locked in at his lowest weight of the tournament 16.01 giving Robinson the win by just 33/100 of a pound. While Granberry didn’t get the win, this time, he fell softly into 2nd place which brought a reward of his 2023 total entry fees paid to come back and compete again. “It’s great, I had my chances but Mark is just too good, I fished clean all week but today had a slip up or two.” Granberry graciously told the crowd.

Mark is a popular angler and champion. After several minutes for the hand shakes and pats on the back it was time to put a bow on this week of competition with the awards ceremonies. Thank you to Tidewater Boats, Yamaha Outboards and McClain Trailers for your continued support of the tour and a huge thank you to South Padre Island CVB the presenting sponsor of this great event. We will see everyone in 2023, until then be safe and enjoy the beautiful outdoors this fall!

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Professional Angler, Mark Robinson – 2022 National Champion


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