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Feb 12

Land Takes Solo Opener

Travis Lands in the top spot in the 2023 season opener at Boomtown!

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Feb 11


Michael Frenette takes the title in tour stop 2 on the LA Northshore!

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Feb 10

Team Tour Open 1

Team Pittman/Sakraska win Boaters Team Arthur/Guerrero top Kayaks

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Feb 09


Travis Land Tames Kemah for 2nd Big Win in the 2023 Solo Tour season.

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Feb 08

Team Tour Open 2

Frenette takes the top spot Saturday. Joe Arthur wins 2nd in a row Sunday.

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Feb 05

Waterloo Rods National Championship

The Waterloo Rods National Championship will take place September 20-21-22 and determine the top redfish angler in the country. When you say Waterloo Rods anglers of all levels listen. Might as well fish the best is more than a slogan it's a way of life for the folks at Waterloo Rods!

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Nov 18

Kayak Classic in Port Arthur Preview

Of course the fishing is always good in Port Arthur with bayous, backwaters and canals but did you know some of the best food in SE Texas or in the state of Texas for that matter can be found at local restaurants and taverns around town? Restaurants like the Schooner have been around since 1947! You don't get to stay in business that long without having some great menu items and fabulous customer service. Family owned and operated for 70+ years the tradition continues. As the sign shows, fresh seafood and perfect steaks are what they are known for but if the weather has you hunting some good for the soul, food, then gumbo may be right up your alley, and you won't be disappointed.

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Nov 10


Port Arthur Texas will host final stop in the Solo Tour regular season.

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Nov 10


Jeremy Reeves takes the final stop on the Elite Solo Tour regular season.

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Nov 09

Team Tour Open 3

Caron-ORiley are top Boaters. Gonzalez-Moreno top all Kayakers.

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